FASEA receives a message from Lisbon

28 June 2019

There was Outsider thinking that Royal Commissions and other factors had brought down the curtain on significant offshore conferences in the financial planning industry, and then Adrian Raftery’s issues with the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority served to suggest otherwise.

You see Adrian made a few assertions on social media about perceptions of conflicts of interest with respect to some members of the FASEA board, acknowledging in doing so that he was in Lisbon, Portugal, and would soon be going to bed.

Knowing of Raftery’s status as chairman of the Association of Independently Owned Financial Professionals, Outsider checked what was up and discovered that Raftery and a bunch of other members were in fact attending the AIOFP 2019 Conference in not just Lisbon, but also London and that Raftery had raised his issues when addressing conference delegates.

Related News:

The Lisbon leg of the conference went for three days before delegates jetted off to London for more conference activity.

According to the official AIOFP web site, the Lisbon leg of the conference included one dinner and two conference sessions, while the London leg involved two conference sessions and two dinners plus the option of attending a One Day cricket match at Lords.

Given that the timetable of the conference coincided with that of the two FASEA adviser exams, it seems safe to assume those delegates will be sitting that test at a later date.

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