Dressing from one to the nines

Outsider was delighted to see some familiar and friendly faces at this year’s Money Management Fund Manager of the Year awards which invited guests to join as a live studio audience for the live streamed event. 

Everybody was looking spiffy in their freshly pressed clothes especially given they were to be on camera for our viewers.

But everything is never as it seems.

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Outsider caught wind that a particular winning manager’s colleagues were utterly shocked upon watching their award being received. 

Why were they shocked you ask dear reader? Outsider understands the award recipient in question usually looked like he was dressed as if he just left prison and his colleagues could not believe their eyes when they saw him cleanly shaved and well dressed.

The good thing about having a live-streamed event available on demand is that you can watch the video again and again and again. And Outsider knows that is exactly what the winning manager’s team did while roaring with laughter.

Outsider is just glad the camera did not pan to him as he was frequently checking the time to count down to when the canapés would be served.

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