Different but same numbers

While Outsider has been closely watching the daily numbers of COVID-19 cases spreading across the east coast, he finds it very confusing and struggles to figure out what those numbers really mean. 

So far, he has concluded all the attention goes to monitoring rises and drops in daily cases per given cities, towns, and regions. 

However, there are more nuances to it, such as how to tell the difference between cases that were “in the community while infectious” and those that were “partially in the community while infectious”. 

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On top of that comes daily figures which are still under investigation and no one really knows how many of those were in the community during their infectious period. 

It all reminds Outsider of how ASIC counts its advisers who are divided into two main categories: current and ceased. 

While it sounds simple, the number of adviser roles rarely matches the number of actual practicing advisers. 

On top of that, he often hears that, despite planning groups reducing adviser numbers, their headcount remains intact. 

Outsider wonders why inactive advisers bother with FASEA requirements, sit their test, and add to the number of passes, as they choose to unnecessarily share that information with ASIC . 

It looks like it all comes down to statistics and maths which only makes Outsider’s head spin. 

It’s a shame the Olympics are over as Outsider quite fancies himself a good armchair judge especially with diving and gymnastics which only require a difficulty score plus an execution score. Alas, golf scoring will have to do the next time Outsider hits the green.

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