Considering one’s mortality

Outsider was disturbed to read Money Management's article about how he was a ‘decaying vessel’. Although he understood the point made in William John’s very well-written article on addressing diminished capacity in clients, the comment did give him pause for thought over his own mortality. He would like to think he is in the prime of his life!

Outsider furrowed his brow for a few seconds as he thought about all the free lunches and merchandise he would miss out on if his decaying vessel was no more but soon forgot as he was distracted by the thought of the free meal he’d receive that day from a certain roundtable.

Nevertheless, Outsider feels the phrase ‘The human body is a vessel that decays over time until no more’ is the ideal motivational quote for his Money Management colleagues and has posted it up on his office whiteboard. 

Should any of his younger teammates have any problems, he can now philosophically remind them how small their problems were, and that life was short. After all, there are only so many hours in a day to grab a free meal.

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