Conscientiously dealing with the recently unconscious.

28 June 2019

Outsider is conscious of Australia’s recent revolving door approach to Prime Ministerships but perhaps not as conscious as an erstwhile colleague and life company corporate affairs operative currently recovering from a cerebral haematoma.

This particular chap, who has also served time as a political staffer, found it amusing that after his operation the nursing staff kept asking him what day it is and who is the current Prime Minister.

Outsider is led to believe that while his former colleague began answering the frequently asked questions honestly and accurately, he soon tired of the exercise and began worrying the staff by churning out what could only be described as spurious data.

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Perhaps they woke up to his ruse when he declared that Wednesday was Monday and that the Prime Minister was, to the best of his knowledge, Sir Robert Menzies.

At least he didn’t suggest the Prime Minister was Bill Shorten – something which might have seen him carted straight back into the operating theatre.

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