The computer and keyboard graveyard

Outsider has been around long enough to remember the day he switched from noisy typewriters to sleek dumb terminals. 

“What joy!” Outsider remembers thinking of that day as the clunky and loud typewriter was finally consigned to a corner of his desk only to be used on the 90% of occasions when the mainframe failed to perform.  

It’s been several decades since that day and Outsider has now gone through many operating systems, computer towers, laptops, and not to mention the numerous keyboards that have become quieter and easier to use.

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Reminiscing, Outsider wondered where all those keyboards ended up and thought that perhaps their fates were not very eco-friendly.

However, Outsider got wind of the FASEA exam conditions that did not allow water bottles at desks, handkerchiefs or extra jumpers. But what really stood out was how many of the advisers who sat the exam complained about the old, clunky, and noisy keyboards. 

“Poor conditions, and the noisy keyboards made it hard to concentrate,” one adviser said.
Another said the “computers and keyboards used were incredibly old and made it difficult to type”. 

“My computer broke down,” another said.

Not only this, FASEA seemed to know about the state of the technology they were imposing on the advisers and provided ear plugs. 

Outsider empathised with the advisers as Outsider is well-versed with old, inefficient, and insufferable technology but laughed as he imagined the computer and keyboard graveyard that were FASEA exam halls.

FASEA, Outsider thought, perhaps were eco-friendly after all. 

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