Celebrities walking NAB’s halls

Outsider was disappointed to find that the Royal Commission did not find that a future Z-grade celebrity was working within NAB’s walls, namely Australia’s current bachelor, Matt Agnew.

Agnew is a familiar face to Outsider as (the younger members of) his family gather around the television twice a week to watch “their show”.

Outsider was amused to find an investigative piece by Nine claiming that the bachelor in question had a “secret” job at NAB despite the astrophysicist label which has been attached to him since the show’s promos aired. 

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The article said the astrophysicist bachie technically worked at data analytics firm Quantium but had been an analyst at NAB while on secondment.

However, Agnew refuted these claims and said while at Quantium he had two or three meetings at a NAB office. 

Now Outsider wonders how many more banks are harbouring Z-grade celebrities and wished the Royal Commission had found out for him.

Alas, he’ll just have to endure the new Bachelorette season when it airs! What a good excuse!

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