A brutalist WA quarantine

Outsider felt a number of feelings he had never felt before while watching a recent Parliamentary hearing – fear, dread, and slight panic. 

For you see, it was not to do with the less-than-usual grilling of ASIC that day but rather the location of one certain committee member.

As Outsider was diligently covering the hearing, he noticed Western Australian Liberal MP Celia Hammond was in a rather peculiar place. It was dark, a bit grimy, and looked like she was in a basement.

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Outsider’s heart began to race as he feared Hammond may have been kidnapped and was still being forced to appear during the hearing to give off a pretence that she was fine.

However, Outsider fears were allayed when committee chair, fellow Liberal MP Tim Wilson asked: “Ms Hammond. Do you have brutalist architecture in your home? I’m very impressed, based on the ceiling at least”.

Hammond replied: “It’s called quarantining in the garage of my house”.

“Okay, I’m less impressed. You shouldn’t have demystified it for me,” Wilson said.

As Outsider sighed an air of relief, he suddenly remembered that Hammond may well have been kidnapped after all given she was living in Western Australia and destined to be cut off from the rest of the world until Premier Mark McGowan eventually loosens WA’s border rules.

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