Bragging and maintaining the rage

18 June 2018

Some people just want to maintain the rage and so Outsider gives a big shout out to former Financial Services Council (FSC) policy wonk and Liberal Party aspirant, Andrew Bragg.

Bragg left the FSC to join the Menzies Institute before becoming acting Federal Director of the Liberal Party before the vicissitudes of political life saw him take up his current role as executive, members at the Business Council of Australia.

But despite his employment peregrinations, Bragg has lost none of his zeal for dissecting and criticising the workings of industry funds and thus he has used his personal web site and his twitter account to maintain the rage.

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Sitting at the heart of the Bragg view of industry superannuation is his “Supercheck” tool which allows those interested enough to input the name of a superannuation fund to determine how much money has then been channelled to particular trade unions.

For the record, Outsider typed in Cbus and found the Bragg tool suggesting that the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union was paid $2,757,775 over the past 10 years, while the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union was paid $1,251,915, the Australian

Workers’ Union $483,004 and the Communications, Electrical and Plumbing Union of Australia $500,655.

Sadly, Outsider could find no similar tools tracking how much money particular firms had paid to the FSC but perhaps that simply reflects a lack of zeal.


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