Board roles galore for ‘chair of Australia’

Another day and another board appointment for Michael Dwyer and Outsider wonders where he finds the time. 

Earlier this month, the former First State Super chief executive was appointed as chair of Bennelong Funds Management, having been appointed as a director at the firm in December 2020. 

However, this is far from his only role as he also has several side hustles at other organisations including but not limited to chair of NSW TCorp, director of Iress, a member of the ASIC Consultative Panel and a member of the Global Advisory Council for Tobacco Free Portfolios.

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In non-financial related roles, he has the grand title of ‘chair of Australia’ for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, work for which he was recognised with an 
Order of Australia. 

Outsider found himself very impressed with this last role, in particular, given he is barely chair of his own living room. 

If Dwyer has too much on his plate to take up the next position he is offered, Outsider is more than happy to provide him with his own name and address on a stamped addressed envelope – as long as there is a single malt involved. 

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