The battle of the baristas

21 October 2022
| By Staff |
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Having lived all over Australia as he’s chasing down stories, Outsider can vouch for the varying different qualities of coffee nationwide.

It seems his sentiments are shared as a panel at a Melbourne conference quickly descended into a battle between which state was best, or at least the best value coffee.

The Melbourne attendee kicked off the session by declaring his morning coffee that day had risen to $5.90, only to be derided that he was paying far too much by his peers from Brisbane and Sydney.

“Coffee in Sydney is 20% cheaper than that and I refuse to believe that our coffee is 20% worse than it is here,” our man in NSW stated.

However, the Brisbane delegate countered that, having lived in both cities, he believed Melbourne coffee was worth the extra bucks, prompting cheers from his Victorian audience.

“Brisbane coffee is $4.50 but it’s a case of price versus value, I’d rather pay the higher price for a Melbourne one.”

But with the cost of living quickly rising, Outsider just wonders whether these prices will be out of date by the time this article is published….


Submitted by Will on Fri, 2022-12-02 09:22

Melbourne coffee used to be a mile ahead of the rest of the country and most of the world, but (as a Melburnian) I can admit that Sydney, Brisbane and Perth coffee has really caught up. You'll still find it easier to get good coffee in Melbourne than the other cities but it's a much closer race now. Also, the $5 and less coffee still exists in the Melbourne suburbs. The popular places or those in expensive CBD locations will try for the $5-$6 coffee but it's not widespread. The world is a better place when the quality of coffee is rising in every town.

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