Australian Unity loses some of its loftiness

If Outsider is any judge then the average height of executives within Australian Unity will be lower in 2018 than it was in 2016.

Why? Because Outsider notes that not only did Australian Unity lose the rather lofty Paul Harding-Davis when he departed his role as chief executive of Premium Wealth Management but it more recently lost his brother, Steve Davis, who last month left his role as chief executive of Australian Unity Personal Financial Services.

Outsider must admit to having felt quite dwarf-like when quaffing the odd bottle of red wine with Steve and Paul with both men having played their share of basketball and both of them having a taste for good red meat and good red wine.

The hyphenated Paul has lately been carrying out consultancy work, while it remains to be seen where his brother Steve ends up, although rumour has it that he is attracted to the northern climes of his youth.

In the meantime, Outsider hears rumours that the recent structural changes within Australian Unity have caused some of its advisers to review their alternatives.



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