Attention grabbing engagement techniques

Despite his jaunty step and fresh-faced demeanour Outsider is quite old and so doesn’t understand concepts such as employees being “engaged” when they come to work.

He is happy to recognise that superannuation fund, Statewide Super has won a prize for its employees being “engaged” but he is wondering what is meant by “engaged” in circumstances where if Outsider and his colleagues weren’t “engaged” you wouldn’t be reading this.

For the record, Statewide Super has won the Korn Ferry Engagement Award which it proudly boasts “says a lot about the work that we’ve done to create a culture of pride in working at Statewide Super”.

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Outsider is not sure whether his colleagues are proud about working for Money Management but he knows they are pretty bloody relieved when they push another edition out the door and are even more relieved when they check that their bank accounts have been topped up every month.

Perhaps, then, a certain former US politician was right when he asserted “if you’ve got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow”.

Outsider congratulates Statewide Super on its award and feels sure the fund has used a much more subtle and suitable technique in engaging its staff. 

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