And good luck with your career, too!

Beware the retiring fund manager. You never know what they may choose to say.

That, at least, is what Outsider believes to be the case with Insight Investment founder, Marg Waller, who is rumoured to be working on a “mocumentary” covering her time in the funds management industry both in Australia and elsewhere.

Marg was awarded this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award by Money Management's sister publication Super Review and Outsider discovered over a discreet lunch that she had been working with Insight Investment’s Bruce Murphy on the concept of a “mocumentary” covering her career in the industry and the people she had met.

Outsider thought the concept was delightful until he realised that Marg, a country girl, has a habit of being somewhat blunt in her assessments (calling a spade a bloody shovel) and risked ruffling the feathers of a few of the peacocks who are known to inhabit the world of institutional and retail asset management.

Listening to Waller, Outsider decided that his favourite comment from Waller was her description of working with one particular chap – “it was like bouncing a ball in mud”.

About another: “I am happy about the way his career worked out”.

It seems to Outsider that viewings of the Waller mocumentary will need to be by invitation only.

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