Aligning net zero views

Every once in a while, Outsider gets a wake-up call that leads to some self-reflection and is hoping National Senator, Matthew Canavan, will do the same. For Outsider is referring to the senator’s view on climate change.

Canavan sensitively asked on Twitter: “Does anyone know whether the Taliban will set up to net zero?”

Outsider is not in the business of making light of the suffering the people of Afghanistan are going through, but even as a purveyor of the crudest humour, Outsider was disturbed that a sitting member of Parliament’s only justification for the tweet was that it was “meant to provoke”.

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Given how hard Conservative parties have been in opposition to climate change policies, Outsider does not believe anyone is naïve enough to think the Taliban are thinking about environmental, social and governance factors.

But if being told by Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce, to “focus on empathy” was not enough to self-reflect – and Outsider doesn’t see why it would be – then perhaps having aligned views with the Taliban on climate change should be a wake-up call for the Conservative parties of the world.

Outsider is more than tired of seeing insensitive posts from politicians and encourages them to get off social media and help not only Australians in Afghanistan, but Afghans in Australia, and Afghans seeking asylum.

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Does anyone know if the National Party will set up to net zero?

Go ask them. In the meantime, lets increase the population of Australia, more houses, more TV's, more everything.

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