The ‘essential’ role of offices

The Sydney-based Money Management team may be in week nine (and counting) of a hard lockdown but not every firm is suffering work from home problems.

On several work calls, Outsider has been surprised to hear from interviewees who are calling or presenting from their offices. 

The reason, he has been told, is they have noisy home environments unsuitable for giving Zoom presentations, are doing ‘essential work’, or are unable to access certain technology from home. 

Others are using it as an excuse to get work done without colleagues around to distract them and point out, the empty offices mean they are staying “pretty well isolated”.

Now Outsider is not one to name and shame and he is sure they all have valid reasons to leave their work from home environs that would satisfy Gladys, nor have they been forced to return, so they shall remain nameless. 

Unfortunately for Outsider, all he needs for his work is a laptop and a notebook so he has had no excuse to return to Money Management Central in the CBD yet. Though,

Outsider thinks about this with a sigh as he looks at the number of pages left in his notebook – three!

But, when lockdown eventually lifts, he will be the first on the train and looks forward to visiting a coffee shop that is more than five kilometres from his home, and perhaps he can pick up a free notebook at what are now rare in person media briefings. 

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