Being able to challenge each other

11 May 2018

A deeply experienced team and a pedigree with a separately managed account (SMA) structure have helped AB shine and receive the Money Management/Lonsec SMA Provider award.

According to Lonsec, the AB Concentrated Global Growth Equities Portfolio has also been recognised due to its reasonably low turnover strategy and the philosophy that typically results in portfolios with limited overlap with Australian equities.

AB’s head of retail, Ben Moore said that one of the key strengths of his fund is the investment team which is not afraid of challenging each other’s ideas and putting in extra effort to get to know the companies, which are in the fund’s portfolio, really well.

“If you spoke to any analysts in this team they would say the thing that is fundamental is that they know the companies better than anybody else. They put the time, the work and the effort in and they do believe in getting to know the members of their sales team or finance teams, their CEOs,” he said.

Moore also stressed that one of the fund’s underlying investment beliefs, applied by the fund, was that only long-term, consistent earnings could drive growth.

Quest Assets Partners’ director, Michael Evans said it was “a desire to analyse how a company makes profits and what capital is required to make that return” that helped the Quest Australian Equities Concentrated Portfolio succeed.

“Quest has delivered 4.6 per cent per annum outperformance since inception in 2005 for our SMA clients. Our investment process focuses on the sustainability of excess returns on capital employed. We look for companies with the ability to generate above average net cash flow for an extended period,” he said.

Arnhem’s head of distribution Samuel Stobart said the key strength of Australia Plus Strategy and the reason why the fund has earned its recognition should be attributed to the fact that it aims to provide a one-stop shop by combining Australian income with global growth.

“There’s no global equity manager out there that excludes banks and resources and has designed their products specifically to complement Aussie equity portfolios.”


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