All about sustainable outcomes

Kathleen Yeung, group chief financial officer, head of strategy at Qualitas, said she was “surprised and honoured” to be nominated in the Funds Management Executive of the Year category in the Women in Financial Services Awards.

When asked about some of her proudest achievements in her career as a funds management executive, Yeung reflects that it has been “less about specific transactions and more about sustainable outcomes”.

“I feel I can bring people with different skillsets to work together either on transactions or in the day-to-day operations to create long-term value not only for the fund manager but, more importantly, for fund investors,” she says.

Yeung says she never made a conscious choice to make a career in the financial services industry.

“I sort of fell into it and never left! I’ve always worked in financial services either in an advisory capacity or as equity sponsor.”

She notes that financial services is going through some “interesting times” with not only disruption from technology and fintechs but also fundamentally with alternative financiers, like Qualitas, which have always existed but now are becoming more prominent in light of the “funding gap” caused by the bank pullback in property.

“I’m also seeing a lot more women making their mark in the sector, and that’s really exciting,” she says.

As a woman with a distinguished financial services career, Yeung says she has been very fortunate in that she has never felt that she was ever held back as a result of her gender.

“However, I must say it has been wonderful to work in a majority female team for one of my current projects!”

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