We’ll all be rooned said Hanrahan, the actuary

Outsider knows all the jokes about actuaries such as you know when you’ve met a gregarious actuary when he/she is looking at your shoes rather than his/her own.

Thus, he notes that actuaries must have clearly been getting out and about lately because they’ve come up with an Australian Actuaries Climate Index for Summer which confirmed what Outsider already knew from his golfing expeditions – that Australia had a summer of extremes.

The index confirmed that hot days were at an all time high, extreme rain fell in the tropics and that parts of NSW remained in drought.

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But the compilation of the index is not just about encouraging actuaries to spend some time outside, according to Actuaries Institute chief executive, Elayne Grace the index is intended to help businesses better assess how weather extremes translate into financial risk.

Seems actuaries are amongst those who recognise that climate change is real and its impacts need to be accurately assessed.

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