Consumer brands lacking trust

According to Deloitte’s fifth annual assessment of the privacy practices of Australia’s top 100 consumer brands, privacy settings are one of the most powerful ways to build trust.

Deloitte’s Privacy Index 2019 found that 89 per cent of consumers had denied a mobile app access to their location, photos, camera or contacts.

This had been a wake-up call to the industry, as consumers still lacked significant trust.

Index author David Batch, Deloitte national privacy and data protection lead, said community expectations had set the parameters of social licence and trustworthiness.

“The findings highlight where brands need to fix their app’s privacy attributes, and what consumers expect, think and do about their privacy when using the app,” Batch said.

“We found significant differences in the maturity of privacy practices across brands and sectors and a growing consumer awareness of privacy, with a strong desire to take control of their data.”


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