Morrison enters election mode

The Federal Treasurer, Scott Morrison has delivered what was tantamount to an election speech to an Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry dinner in Canberra in which he reminded attendees of the record of the former Rudd and Gillard Governments and the dangers he perceived in Federal Opposition policy.

At the same time as claiming the economy was strengthening under the Turnbull Coalition Government, Morrison accused the former Labor governments of “lunacy, failure and mismanagement” and claimed this would be replicated under another Labor Government led by Bill Shorten.

The Treasurer also sought to separate the Turnbull Government’s political performance from its handling of the economy.

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“You are welcome to your criticisms of our Government, and while you may be frustrated at times with our handling of politics, it is also this Government that has been cleaning up the mess, getting things done, and putting the right conditions in place for our economy to grow,” he said.

Morrison said that in 2007 the Australian people had given Labor the benefit of the doubt, and paid a heavy price for it, before adding that, just like in 2007, Labor is not a benign option for our economy”.

“And it is important that those who believe in growing our economy do not allow themselves the excuse that we can afford another Labor Government,” he said.

Working his way through a list of Labor economic policy points, the Treasurer said the difference in approaches to economic management between Labor and the Turnbull Government could not be clearer.

“Labor have forfeited the right to the benefit of the doubt, whether in Bennelong or nationally,” Morrison said.



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