Independents triumph over Liberal candidates

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has most likely lost his seat in this year’s Federal election while Tim Wilson and Jason Falinski, who sat on the House of Representatives standing economics committee, have lost out.

All three members were overtaken by ‘teal’ independent candidates in closely-fought battles.

Frydenberg, who had not yet conceded, would most likely lose his seat in Kooyong, Victoria to independent candidate Monique Ryan.

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He had been Treasurer since August 2018 and MP for Kooyong since 2010 and was tipped to be the next leader of the Liberals after Scott Morrison.

Reacting, Senator Jane Hume, said: “As a Victorian, and a Treasury Minister, I would like to acknowledge Josh Frydenberg. No one in politics worked harder. Assisting in drafting the equivalent of four budgets in as many months in 2020, I saw first-hand his dedication to the people of Australia. The economic reforms, tax cuts, and economic recovery post Covid are legacies Australians will be the beneficiaries of for many years to come.”

It was expected the next Liberal leader would be minister for defence, Peter Dutton.

Meanwhile, Jason Falinski, chair of the House of Representatives standing committee on economics, lost his seat in Mackellar, New South Wales to independent Sophie Scamps after six years.

Tim Wilson, who chaired the same committee from June 2018-October 2021, lost his seat in Goldstein, Victoria after six years to independent Zoe Daniel. His electorate was a close race with Wilson not conceding defeat until Sunday evening.

The Federal election was won by the Labor party with Anthony Albanese succeeding Morrison as Prime Minister and Jim Chalmers as Treasurer.

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All these "Left" leaning Liberal 'moderates' lost their seats for one reason.
They all leaned so far to the left that they forgot their core Liberal principles and what went with that ...the forgotten people, those in small business.
They were clearly inept in prosecuting any case for voting liberal, despite the fact that certain sectors of the print and radio media were showing them how.

The only salvation for the Liberal party is, if Labour, gets their 76 seat majority, the Independents become irrelevant and will only be around for 3 years in government.

You sure about that? They were all replaced by even "lefter" independents that promise to do more about climate change. You really think the die hard Liberals voted for a leftie independent instead of the Liberal candidate? They lost because the electorates are far more moderate than they knew and the moderates are sick of the right's influence.

YEH !!!!!!!! This is the happiest moment I have ever felt in Australian Politics.
Josh Frydenscum got exactly what he deserved.
Thanks the AIOFP and all Advisers that stood up to this Anti Adviser, self serving idiot.
Frydenscum, I hope to never see you again in politics or financial services.

The only disappointing aspect of the election was that Hume didn't face the voters and get the punishment she deserves. Hopefully her Liberal colleagues will now recognise what a liability she is, and remove her from a safe senate ticket for the next election.

Agreed...Hume is a massive liability.
more interested in her appearance and high end fashion choice than any substance in what she says at all.

I'm assuming a few planners would have had a champagne over the weekend!

I'm still concerned, but I would have been concerned no matter who won. :P

and mortgage brokers.

Certainly the 600 advisers that can't pass an exam are happy. As for the other 16,000 it's mixed. .Sorry but having AustralianSuper in charge of Advice won't cause me to celebrate. Risk insurance was already dead in 2008-2013 when Labor kicked them in the head. Josh Friedenlikeaburg only stomped on their heads and put them out of their misery. I got out of Risk in 2016. Nothing is going to save Risk Advice in this country unless the best interest obligation is removed and Labor said no last week. As for Super and Investment advisers, I'm already dusting out my resume to apply for a job in a call centre with a Union super fund.

At least Wilson and Falinski tried to stand up for planners, however they still voted for the ridiculous regulations we have now so how much of an ally were they really. Frydenberg was told what was coming but his arrogance meant he couldn't accept it. It must be pretty embarrassing to lose your seat to an independent. He was more interested in keeping the big end of town happy rather than small businesses who used to vote for him. We now wait to find out which big corporate offers him a job in a few months time.

Josh will already know where he is heading next.
He says he just wants to spend some time with his family.
Maybe he might like to spend some time with the families of financial advisers who were victims of his Govt's neglect ?

Goodbye Josh.
You should have listened.

@ Anon,
If you think like that you don't know what the Liberal party stands for.
Right now it stands for nothing.
These defeated left wing moderates had the same views as the Teals that took their positions.
The current Liberal "moderates" were more Labour lite which is why the bulk of their traditional supporters left them.
In case you hadn't noticed every seat contested by the sitting Nationals was won by them because unlike the latte cafe society, not everyone is convinced that going to zero emissions in little Australia will stop future floods, bush fires or change the temperature of the planet one iota .
Not whilst China & India continue to build coal fire plants at an alarming rate and not one of those climate change zealots is prepared to protest in New Delhi or Shanghai.

If you need more convincing, then look at what's happened in Sri Lanka.
They have chosen to go down the renewables path, they can't grow enough rice to feed their population and have to import it from elsewhere and are in debt up to their eyeballs with little prospect of repaying it.
Is that what you want for Australia .....because that's the journey.

The salvation for Australia now is that Albo doesn't need the approval of the Teals to go to climate change extremes but the concern is that we have the captain of the Titanic in charge of the ship with the crew from the SS Minnow (aka Gilligan's Island) now looking for the elusive iceberg in the Pacific.

I reckon Frydenberg, Hume and James Shipton will eventually commence their own private consultancy.
I understand Hume & Shipton know each other well and we know that Josh has stood up for his Harvard mate from the very beginning despite the controversy that plagued Shipton whilst at ASIC ( Yes, we all know he was not accused of any wrongdoing....but what about the organisation he lead whilst they funded his personal expenses at the taxpayers expense!!!!!
Nothing to see here of course and they will go on their merry way to the next rung in the corporate ladder....ker-ching!

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