Cram 4 Exam to help FASEA exam prep

Cram 4 Exam has announced its program details, which will provide a three-step program consisting of webinars and a practical one-day intensive workshop from industry experts, with eight continuing professional development (CPD) hours available.

It would include programs delivered by industry experts that covered the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics Authority (FASEA) exam curriculum and all 33 learning outcomes.

It was designed to help people facing potentially 40-50 hours of study for the 3.5 hour exam to streamline their understanding of the FASEA’s curriculum.

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The webinars would be available from October with one day workshops hosted in Brisbane, 28 October; Melbourne, 30 October; Sydney, 7 November; Adelaide, 12 November; and Perth, 22 November.

Cram 4 Exam was a practical and intensive FASEA exam preparation program developed by Bronny Speed, founding director of AccountantsIQ and financial advice leader at CA ANZ.

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I would sit the exam first, then if you fail use this expensive training. I know of someone that sat the exam , and passed with limited study, in his words, there is a lot of reading, buts its mostly common sense.. Don't let these guys scare you into doing these worthless courses. Decide for yourself. Do not be worried about this exam, its a lot easier than those that would profit from you being worried about it make out. Try to keep positive everyone

I think the people that went for the first sitting were those who were confident about it or new to the industry. I haven't had to sit an exam for years and so personally, I will definitely be enrolling in a course like this. The FASEA reading list is HUGE and I think something like this would help me save hours of preparation time and get me through on the first try.

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