YTML/Omnium launch life insurance software

YTML is partnering with risk technology specialist, Omnium to provide updated and streamlined life insurance software to assist advisers to utilise technology efficiently to deliver services for clients.

YTML chief operations officer, Piew Yap, said the partnership would allow the company to extend its uses of technology and continue to build on issues within the industry to deliver improved services.

"We want to challenge the industry on how it thinks about and uses technology in terms of an efficiency tool," he said.

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"Omnium supports this goal... we are delighted [they] chose us as their platform provider."

Yap said the technology behind the Omnium tool offered to advisers to provide website visitors with quotes on life insurance, would see people receive more personalised advice.

"Using the software therefore helps generate warm leads and improve efficiencies — much of the work is already done," he said.

"[Advisers] can then focus on helping them settle on the right amount of cover and selecting the best product rather than on mundane data collection."

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