Direct life call centres not dead, just different

28 July 2020

Outbound call centres may have got direct life insurance companies into deep trouble during the Royal Commission but a majority of industry operatives do not believe that means call centres are a dead-letter for the industry.

A poll undertaken during the Financial Services Council’s Life Insurance Summit revealed that most respondents believe that while the traditional call centre model may be dead, it is likely to resurface in a different way.

The poll revealed 56% of respondents believed that call centres would resurface in a different way, while a further 40% of respondents said that there was a future for call centres as part of a well-functioning direct life insurance market.

Only a few respondents said they believed call centres were dead and that there was no future for them.

A webinar panel discussing the future of call centres agreed that while call centres would likely remain a part of the sector, the sales culture which had driven the issue raised at the Royal Commission had changed.




It is little wonder that life insurance companies are going broke with this level of intelligent thought going on within their walls.

Could the FSC become anymore dodgy, desperate and irrelevant?

Stand by for more abuses of ASICs flawed GENERAL ADVICE regime. ASIC will of course approve scripts and claim the salesman is unable to venture into PERSONAL ADVICE..

Anyone who has ever sold anything knows that the buyer spends when they can see a personal benefit. ASIC are so blind-sided by their hatred of the commission being paid to self-employed life risk advisers advisers they choose to ignore the incentives on offer to backpackers who staff call centres


que robo advice push...

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