Thunberg ‘reshaping’ global investment industry

22 January 2020

Greta Thunberg is not only trying to save the planet, but also reshaping the global investment industry, according to deVere Group chief executive, Nigel Green.

The comments come as the teenage Swedish environmental activist had urged political and business leaders, and the media, at the World Economic Forum in Davos to follow the science on climate change.

According to a global survey from deVere Group, 77% of millennials cite environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing as their top priority when considering investment opportunities.

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“This survey underscores that whilst traditional factors – such as anticipated returns (10%), past performance (7%), risk tolerance (4%) and tactical allocation (2%) – are important factors in millennial respondents’ investment decision-making, they are no longer enough,” Green said.

Green said Thunberg’s message was based on science and fact, and one that was likely to hit home with millennials and Gen Z.

“Typically, these generations – those born from the early 1980s onwards – seem to ‘get’ the climate emergency we’re facing, and the urgency with which it needs to be tackled, far better than older generations,” Green said.

“This is why it is crucial that she was at Davos in order to drive her message through to the political and business leaders who can actually do something about it right now.”

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Who is de Vere group and who cares what the CEO says. Oh they manage a whopping $10b in 100 countries. "Based on science and fact". Give us a break. I hope you dont manage your clients money based on flimsy evidence like that, or think statements like that might attract more FUM

I think your bias and denialism might be hampering the analysis that your clients would expect of you. Oh well, another, of many, advisory dinosaurs headed for extinction.

These type of goals are discussed with the client, and if they show a preference for certian investments our role is to implement that. However not many identify this as a goal. Also the investment universe for these types of investments is very small at the moment, people do want returns first and foremost , they dont want to lose money. Please dont assume everyone thinks like you, as they simply do not zoomer.

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