State Street cuts fees on 6 ETFs

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25 June 2024
| By Laura Dew |
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State Street will cut fees on six of its SPDR ETFs from 1 July.

The fee cuts affect ETFs in Australian equities, international equities, listed property and emerging markets.

ETF name  Old fee  New fee 
SPDR® S&P® World ex Australia Carbon Control Fund 0.18 0.07
SPDR® S&P® World ex Australia Carbon Control (Hedged) Fund   0.21 0.10
SPDR® S&P®/ASX 50 Fund 0.28 0.20
SPDR® Dow Jones® Global Real Estate ESG Fund 0.50 0.20
SPDR® S&P®/ASX 200 Listed Property Fund 0.40 0.16
SPDR® S&P® Emerging Markets Carbon Control Fund 0.65 0.35

Source: State Street, June 2024

The SPDR® S&P®/ASX 50 Fund was among the first ETFs launched in Australia back in 2001, alongside the SPDR® S&P®/ASX 200 Fund, and is now $803 million in assets under management.

Meaghan Victor, head of intermediary for Asia Pacific at State Street Global Advisors, said: “Today’s announcement makes investing in ETFs more affordable for a broad range of investors, from those just starting out to the more experienced seeking more from their core portfolio.

“As the core is typically the largest part of a portfolio, it is important to use cost-effective solutions over the long term. When constructing a portfolio, investors shouldn’t consider the fee of one ETF in isolation. With a number of our core exposures to be priced at 10 basis points or less, investors will have greater choice when constructing a cost-effective diversified portfolio.

“These fee changes demonstrate our commitment to the democratisation of investing by delivering cost-effective institutional quality investment solutions to all investors.”

The firm previously announced cuts to six other ETFs in November: SPDR S&P/ASX 200, SPDR S&P/ASX 200 ESG, SPDR MSCI Australia Select High Dividend Yield, SPDR S&P Global Dividend, SPDR MSCI World Quality Mix, and SPDR S&P/ASX Australian Government Bond.

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