Praemium upgrades platform

Praemium has announced the launch of a major technology upgrade and a rebrand for its global investment platform which is expected to expand its addressable market in Australia from $62 billion in managed accounts to an $860 billion overall platform market, it said.

The upgrade would aim to include the ultimate unified managed accounts (UMA) solution which would combine the following elements:

  • An existing market-leading Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) solution;
  • The significant expansion of Individually Managed Account (IMA) solution across a wide range of investment assets; and
  • Virtual Managed Account (VMA) reporting solution for non-custodial holdings

Additionally, financial advisers would gain access to an expanded investment universe of 1,3000 domestic and international model portfolio and single investment assets.

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Preamium’s chief executive, Michael Ohanessian said that the company managed to combine SMAs bespoke investments in singular experience.

“In addition to new managed accounts options in a single structure and on one integrated technology platform, Praemium has also released a new and intuitive Adviser Portal and dashboard that will save advice businesses time on implementation and administration and enable higher quality client engagement through easy access to rich client portfolio and adviser business information,” he said.

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