Mayfair 101 launches new brand for experienced Aussie investors

London-based investment and corporate advisory group, Mayfair 101 has announced the launch of a new brand in the Australian market which will enable Australian investors to access sectors such as business credit, financial services and emerging markets.

The new brand, Mayfair Platinum, would provide qualified investors exposure to the sectors that were traditionally “out of reach to the average investor” and accessed only by family offices, investment banks, stockbrokers and ultra-wealthy investors, the firm said.

“Mayfair Platinum builds on the strong customer satisfaction rating of IPO Wealth, which is a testament to our team’s focus on customer service. We provide dedicated client relationship managers and simple non-nonsense product information to help investors make an educated decision,” Mayfair 101’s founder and managing director, James Mawhinney, said.

“Given the low interest environment in Australia, investors are struggling to generate a return on idle cash. The scope of Mayfair Platinum in essence will open up a suite of investment options with a strong focus on income-generating products.”

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