Key portfolio managers show how to navigate beyond the recession

19 June 2020

Australian investors can make money during what is looking like a deep recession but it is all about positioning. 

That is the bottom line hypothesis underlying next week’s Money Management webinar 'PPE: Pandemic, Politics and Economy' during which four of Australia’s most experienced and astute investment specialists will discuss the key factors driving their current investment decisions. 

The discussion will see one of Australia’s most experienced market analysts, Stephen van Eyk outline why he believes that no one should be taking their eyes off the high levels of stimulus still being injected by the central banks, while Magellan’s head of macro and portfolio, Arvid Streimann will give his views on the sectoral positioning and challenges. 

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They will be joined by Fiducian’s head of investments, Conrad Burge and the highly experienced executive director and chief investment officer of Jamieson Coote Bonds, Charlie Jamieson. 

The questions confronting the webinar panel will traverse not only depth of the recessionary conditions acknowledged this week by the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, but whether the almost surprising strength of the markets can be sustained. 

Also on the agenda is the degree to which the geopolitics around China matter, and how investors should be viewing November’s US Presidential election. 

Free sign-up to the webinar is available here:

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