HUB24 white labels for Fortnum

Publicly-listed investment and superannuation platform provider, HUB24, has signed a white label agreement with risk-focused dealer group, Fortnum Financial.

The company announced to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) today that under the arrangement new white label would be developed with final agreements to be signed involving the e-Clipse Unified Managed Account and e-Clipse Super services which together currently hold around $650 million on behalf of Fortnum's principal practices.

It said the service were expected to be transferred to the HUB24 platform in the first of next year.

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The announcement said the white label platform would include both superannuation and investor directed portfolio services with full integrated custodial and non-custodial assets.

Industry-leading investment and superannuation platform provider HUB24 (ASX: HUB) have signed an agreement to partner with Fortnum Financial Group (Fortnum).

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Hi Mike, Thanks for picking up on the latest developments at Fortnum. I would just like to point out that Fortnum is a wholistic planning group. Currently, revenue from investment advice represents nearly 80% of overall income, the balance is risk. Thanks again. Sal.

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