Five-star rating for BT property funds: S&P

BT Investment Management has received the first five-star rating in the Australian Listed Property Securities fund sector in over five years, according to Standard & Poor's (S&P) 2011/2012 Australian Listed Property Securities fund sector review.

S&P reviewed 15 headline funds including two benchmark-aware and benchmark-unaware funds and one index strategy.

Peer group ratings experienced just two rating changes; the upgrade of two BT Investment Management funds to five stars - the only five star rated funds in the sector.

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Peter Ward, analyst, S&P Fund Services said, "This reflects our very high conviction in the capabilities of the team and the effectiveness of its A-REIT investment approach, which has proven consistently successful through a variety of markets, and importantly, we expect this to continue."

He said the group maintains high standards for manager and fund quality as indicated by the number of four-star ratings, although four of the seven four-star rated funds are managed by SG Hiscock and Company.  

S&P will soon release the full sector report including key findings and sector themes.

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