DomaCom completes wind farm crowdfunding campaign

DomaCom has announced it has completed its first crowdfunding into Sapphire Wind Farm project which is located in the New England region of New South Wales.

The farm belonged to and was operated by Grassroots Renewable Energy, which is a joint venture of CWP Renewables and Partners Group.

DomaCom’s chief executive, Arthur Naoumidis, said that Sapphire investors would receive a yield of six per cent per annum paid quarterly for 9.5 years on a minimum investment of $1,250.

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The community investment component represented just under $1.8 million and nearly 100 investors, the firm said.

“The Sapphire project is further evidence of DomaCom’s capacity to syndicate a variety of investment opportunities across a range of asset types, and further demonstrates the ability of communities to come together to fund projects that they care about,” he said.

“We are delighted that CWP Renewables and Partners Group, a global private markets investment manager, decided to partner with DomaCom for this outstanding project and we look forward to bringing other similar projects to investors and communities in the future”.

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