Canadian firm joins Neuberger Berman

Global independent, employee-owned investment manager, Neuberger Berman, has welcomed Toronto-based investment firm, Brenton Hill Capital’s (BHC’s) team, which is set to join Neuberger Berman.

Neuberger Berman expected to enhance its quantitative investment capabilities by welcoming BHC’s team, which managed around US$2 billion in client assets.

BHC used quantitative research and proprietary technology infrastructure and its solutions ranged across the risk and return spectrum, with a focus on alternative risk premia and multi-factor solutions spanning equities, currencies, commodities and rates.

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BHC’s investment philosophy, process and proprietary technology platform were developed by its co-founders, Ray Carroll, Simon Griffiths, and Frank Maeba, and are supported by 11 additional investment professionals, all of whom were expected to join Neuberger Berman. There would be no changes to the BHC investment process.

BHC chief executive, chief investment officer, and co-founder, Ray Carroll said: “Joining Neuberger Berman will allow us to focus more time on investing, researching new signals, analysing alternative data sources, and enhancing our technological infrastructure. In addition, we believe Neuberger Berman’s private ownership structure – which aligns our interests with clients – promotes stability and long-term success”.


Neuberger Berman Canada managing director, Clay Khan said BHC’s capabilities would enable the firm to deliver investment strategies to the Canadian community.


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