BetaShares to launch range of diversified ETFs on ASX

26 November 2019

Exchange traded fund (ETF) manager BetaShares will be launching a new suite of low-cost diversified ETFs on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

The four ETF options would be: BetaShares Diversified High Growth ETF (90% growth/10% defensive), BetaShares Diversified Growth ETF (70%/30%), BetaShares Diversified Balanced ETF (50%/50%); and BetaShares Diversified Conservative Income ETF (25%/75%).

They would provide exposure to a range of asset classes, which included shares, property securities, bonds and cash across Australian and global markets.

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BetaShares plans on it being the first diversified ETF available on the ASX to use an open construction approach, accessing asset classes by investing in ETFs from BetaShares and other ETF managers on the ASX and overseas.

The aim was to offer ETFs with a wider appeal for investors who were just starting out to experienced investors, self-managed superannuation fund (SMSFs) and financial advisers who wanted streamlined investment decisions.

Alex Vynokur, BetaShares chief executive, said asset allocation is a major contributing factor to investment returns, but was one of the most challenging decisions an investor faces.

“We wanted to bring a solution to the ASX which would allow investors – regardless of age, experience or wealth – the ability to access a robustly constructed portfolio that simplifies the asset allocation process,” Vynokur said.

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