BetaShares expands range of currency-hedged funds

23 July 2020

BetaShares has launched two currency-hedged versions of its flagship global equity exchange traded funds (ETFs) in response to client demand.


The new versions will be on the Global Sustainability Leaders ETF and the NASDAQ 100 ETF.

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BetaShares chief executive Alex Vynokur said: “Currency exposure can be a significant driver of investment returns. We are adding to our range in response to significant client demand as many investors are seeking to minimise the impact of currency fluctuations on portfolio returns.


“The new currency-hedged funds give investors an important choice – to remain exposed to exchange rate movements as another source of potential returns, or to substantially remove the currency variable from the investment equation.”


The Global Sustainability Leaders ETF provided investors with access to large global companies that met sustainable and ethical standards while the NASDAQ 100 vehicle was a technology-focused ETF.


BetaShares ran nine currency-hedged ETFs currently including a version of the BetaShares Global Quality Leaders which was launched last month.

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