Worn and Satchell launch wealth tech advisory arm

Following the departure from Enzumo, Peter Worn and Aron Satchell have announced an expansion of Finura Group’s reach into technology consulting, and launched an independent wealth technology advisory arm.

They said the goal was to bring wealth management technology firms closer to customers as with more international players entering the Australian market, there was an abundance of technology choice; however the real challenge remained in the execution.

This was particularly visible in financial advice, a sector which was underinvested in technology.

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“Whilst we knew there was strong demand for our digital content services, our backgrounds in wealth management technology consulting made it a natural next step for us,” Satchell said.

“We are already working with several leading wealth management organisations and are excited to play our part in the digital transformation of client experience and advice delivery. We are well underway in expanding our team and look forward to announcing more details on this and our partnerships.”

Finura worked with enterprise software, fintech companies, product manufacturers and advice firms engaged in digital transformations.

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Only took Centrepoint 12 months to ruin Enzumo. Out of their minds letting those two guys walkout. They pretty much saved the business from itself 5 years ago! Finura sounds like one to watch. Independence is a rare thing these days. Hopefully, these guys can maintain it.

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