Suspicions led to suspension of AMP Financial Planner ‘Chatter’

The depth of suspicion existing between some AMP planners and AMP Limited has been revealed by a recent decision by the AMP Financial Planners Association to suspend a member blog – the Chatter Group – over suspicions some members were providing discussion details to AMP Limited.

Money Management has received the contents of an e-mail informing members that the board of the AMP Financial Planners Association had decided to suspend the Chatter group pending an investigation.

“The board has decided to suspend the AMPFP ARs Chatter group, whilst we investigate serious allegations of members providing copies to AMP, which has resulted in at best bullying and at worst threats being made to particular advisers,” the e-mail said.

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“We treat this matter very seriously, as it does not build trust and is not in the spirit of the relationship with AMP,” it said. 

“We expect to be able to quickly resolve this and relaunch this Chatter group soon.  In the interim please continue to raise your issues with AMP and if appropriate cc us.”

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Some one once said on this forum that AMP sales reps have a trust level somewhere between a new car warranty and a car salesman. I'm reminded why now.

I'd trust a car salesman more - they have rules.

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