Serendipity WA joins Count Financial

Serendipity Wealth Advisors has announced it has joined the national advice community of Count Financial which has appointed 22 new firms since the start of the year. 

Newcastle-based Serendipity was founded in February 2021 by Christine Lusher and Norma Samson. 

Samson said that decision to join Count was driven by the company’s transparency as well as “a clear focus and direction of their business”. 

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“In considering licensees, it made sense to ask our professional partners. They work closely with us and understand the importance we place on arm’s length advice. Count Financial were highly recommended and when we met with the management team we were impressed with their transparency,” she said. 

“They were very clear on the focus and direction of their business, the support they offer and enhancements they are working on. It didn’t feel like a sales pitch, it was an open and honest conversation to assess whether our values aligned.” 

Commenting on the possibility of self-licensing, Lusher said that they had considered it but “felt it would consume time and resources better spent with clients.” 

“At one point, we considered the self-licensing option but with the complexity of a constantly changing compliance landscape, we knew partnering with a reputable firm whose primary focus is to provide a licensee service, was the right decision for our clients,” she said. 

“It’s comforting to know that Count Financial has a professional standards team that can give us guidance and tools that simplify the process, affording us more time with our clients.” 

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