Over-60s are biggest users of AMP bot

4 June 2020

Over-60s are the biggest users of AMP’s new Facebook Messenger bot, which has been designed to assist those seeking financial help and information on COVID-19.

Ant Dureau, AMP chief client officer, said the engagement by over-60s disproved the notion older people were uncomfortable using technology to seek answers and help.

“The most selected topic via the bot has been help for those suffering financial hardship, showing the impact the downturn in financial markets is having on retirees who rely on their investments for income,” Dureau said. 

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Users who interacted with the service were asked a series of questions and then were directed to information they needed on AMP’s COVID-19 Help Hub, based on the answers provided.

The hub could be used by AMP or non-AMP customers and contained information on managing different financial situations, topical articles and guides.

"We’ve made available a range of guides and information resources to help people find the answers they need to manage through the crisis – AMP is here to help however we can and in ways which are easiest for our clients,” Dureau said.

"We encourage Australians in difficulty to take advantage of AMP’s COVID-19 Help Hub and also to give us a call if they need further assistance."

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Most AMP clients have been orphaned from their adviser, and cannot get through to AMP's under resourced call centre. They are using technology gimmickry because it's the only option available, not because they prefer it or because it provides a better service. Withdrawing other client support services may lead to a forced take up of technology gimmicks in the short term, but it will also lead to client and adviser abandonment of AMP in the medium to long term.

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