No change for De Ferrari role at AMP

AMP has stated that chief executive, Francesco de Ferrari, has not resigned from the firm but was in discussions with the board, including the leadership of the group.

In a statement, the firm said there had been no change to his position, contrary to reports yesterday that he had resigned. 

“AMP confirms there has been no change to the CEO’s position and that Mr De Ferrari has not resigned,” it said. 

“The board and Mr De Ferrari are working together and constructively discussing the future strategy and leadership of the group, post the completion of AMP’s portfolio review. These discussions are ongoing and AMP will provide updates as required.” 

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Where there is smoke there is fire. Something is going on, but in usual AMP fashion they find a way to stuff up another thing.

He's out I feel very sorry for those advisers still trying to negotiate their way out of the place - whether you agree with their BOLR contracts or not, there must be no one left in the place actually going through the process with them, simply dragging it out.

Maybe, like with the terminated planners he has been asked to stay on for 6 month AFTER termination to assist with the handover...

Maybe he wants more money for the damage he has inflicted on this country and the business community!
He won't stop until they pay him enough to leave!

He was advised that he was no longer required subject to a lookback

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