New product launched to improve planner client retention

2 February 2018

A new service has launched to help financial planners keep better track of changes in their clients’ financial situations, by alerting them via SMS when they list property for sale.

Planners on the ActiveLead service could then contact those clients to arrange a new financial plan, as their financial situation either is or would change with the house sale.

Eric Handbury, director of said that the product would assist planners offer more active advice to clients, which was important as the top reasons clients leave their planners usually relate to a lack of proactive communication.

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Handbury said that if a planner has 1,000 clients and the average householder sells their property every ten years, then that planner would get on average an ActiveLead notification every four days. This could result in a new source of active communication every week.

He also pointed to Investment Trends data showing that financial planners are losing clients at a greater pace than they acquire them, suggesting that planners need to do more to retain clientele.

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