Midwinter upgrades software

Midwinter Financial Services has enhanced its compliance and strategy software to include an automatic update function and advice monitoring. The upgrades were launched within the release of its new version of the software, Reasonable Basis 2.05.

The automatic update function gives access to the latest data, legislative updates, and product replacement strategy module updates without manual downloads, while the monitoring system allows dealer groups to supervise the advice their planners provide using the Reasonable Basis system.

The system also allows Midwinter to gather encrypted information on behalf of advisers and dealer groups.

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“The new Reasonable Basis advice motoring system [and its] automatic update functionality is a compliance manager’s dream. Ensuring advisers within a dealer group are all providing advice within the latest fund data, legislative changes and strategy developments is a major advancement,” said the general manager of research and compliance at Midwinter, James Murphy.

“To empower the dealer group with ongoing advice monitoring capabilities is another giant leap forward ... This information can also significantly influence the dealer group’s future training and distribution strategy,” he added.

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