Midwinter channels new data service for ‘holistic’ approach

Financial planning software company, Midwinter, is using the InvestmentLink RealTime (ILRT) data service to extend its range of data feeds, in an effort to provide clients with a ‘holistic' advice experience.

Under the expanded data offering, ILRT has extended the range of data feeds accessible to Midwinter, by adding to current direct data feeds on the InvestmentLink platform.

InvestmentLink chief technology officer, Wayne Robinson, said that the exposure to client-authorised data would excel Midwinter's previous offerings.

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"Midwinter now has access to data that has been traditionally hard to harness, such as individual bank, mortgage, credit card, loan term deposit, industry superannuation fund, self-managed superannuation (SMSF) and direct share accounts," he said.

"We see ILRT as filling a major gap in the market."

Midwinter managing director, Julian Plummer, said that planners would benefit from the investment information accessible, which would assist in increasing the focus on customer-centricity.

"Most software providers have been limited in their ability to deliver a complete financial position for their clients. ILTR is the game changer," he said.

"As a result, we expect the quality of our planner's advice to improve."

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Interesting to hear the data feed availability is increasing. To be a holistic service it would also be great if clients asset values for property and vehicles also updated via RP Data information etc as My Prosperty is now doing.

We do not currently use Midwinter but would be interested to know if they have developed this function.

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