Managed portfolios allow focus on strategic advice

Financial advisers who integrate managed portfolios with a comprehensive platform allows them to place a greater focus on providing holistic planning and strategic advice, according to a whitepaper.

Core Data and HUB24’s managed portfolios report found managed portfolios were becoming a key element to building stronger relationships between advisers and their clients.

HUB24 managing director, Andrew Alcock, said managed portfolios provided advisers with a more efficient way to implement their client strategies.

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“With managed portfolios, advisers’ clients can also benefit from a flexible, cost-effective investment solution with increased transparency and tax efficiency, as well as sophisticated tools which can predict and optimise clients’ tax positions when switching portfolios,” he said.

“We believe that managed portfolios will continue to transform wealth management in Australia by allowing financial advisers to focus on what they do best.”

The whitepaper said the use of managed portfolios would be a radical step for advice practices and could involve a rethink of an adviser’s value proposition.

“For advisers, the ability to collaborate, outsource, or partly outsource investment management in accordance with a client’s standing instruction can provide new opportunities to reduce or remove some of the burden associated with records of advice,” the paper said.

The paper also noted that from a business continuity perspective, outsourcing the investment function also eliminated many of the concerns over succession planning.

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