Lumiant adds fact find module

Software supported advice platform Lumiant has launched its new ‘Your Life’ module to help with the fact find process.

Your Life used a short survey to understand what life outcomes a client would deem a success, following their engagement with a financial adviser.

It was a free module for Lumiant customers available through the Lumiant platform from today, and advisers were able to send the survey to their clients.

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Santiago Burridge, Lumiant chief executive, said the fact-finding process was due for an overhaul.

“We have been repeatedly told that a fact find is what you have,” Burridge said.

“But our research is telling us that uncovering how people feel is much more important, as we can influence, measure and anchor our experience in what we value.

“Working with advisers, we decided to reimagine our process to let clients scope their success against what they truly value in life. Revitalising a process in much need of an upgrade.”

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