Louise Biti launches Aged Care Steps

Industry stalwart Louise Biti has launched a new business offering aimed at assisting financial advisers deal with providing aged car advice.

The new business, Aged Care Steps, is being marketed as a business specialising in the provision of strategy support and tools to enable professionals (including financial advisers, accountants and lawyers) to build and develop a profitable aged care advice service.

It said the services provided by the company were aimed at enabling professionals "to participate in one of the fastest-growing segments driven by the growing dominance of over 85-year-olds and the heightened implications for the demand for aged care".

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According to Biti, aged care is a growing advice opportunity that could help planning businesses to expand as well as assist in building better relationships with clients and other professional networks.

"However before advisers can expand these relationships they need to first overcome a number of hurdles including training, pricing and value propositions.

"Advisers don't feel confident that they know enough about aged care and its complexities to help their clients," she said.

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