Indy Singh receives Lifetime Achievement Award

17 May 2019

After more than 31 years in the Australian financial services industry and nearly a quarter of a century after establishing and growing Fiducian from the ground up, Indy Singh has been recognised with Money Management’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

The executive chair and founder of the diversified financial services group was recognised for his commitment to the financial services industry beyond the success of Fiducian and for his charitable works extending well beyond the industry.

Indy’s Lifetime Achievement recognition is consistent with Money Management’s criteria that recipients should not only have made a long-term outstanding contribution to the financial services industry, but also have delivered beyond the sector through leadership, mentoring or charitable works.

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Indy may have started off his working life as a metallurgical engineer working in India, West Africa and South-East Asia, but he has made Australian financial services his life’s work.

He founded Fiducian Group in 1996, eight years after first venturing into the Australian financial services industry. Through sheer determination, Indy has grown the company to become a unique business delivering financial planning, funds management, platforms, administration, and accounting and accounting resources.

Fiducian has been on a consistent growth trajectory and now boasts just over $7 billion in funds under management, administration and advice, and has an expanding adviser network.

Just as importantly, Indy has been driving force and founder of the charity, Vision Beyond AUS, which provides free eye surgery to the poor in developing countries, including India, with the target of giving sight and thereby a better life to over 100,000 people.

Indy has a master’s degree in Business Management and separate postgraduate diplomas in investment management, superannuation and financial planning.

Indy now joins the lexicon of Money Management Lifetime Achiever recipients, which started with Gwen Fletcher and includes industry leaders and stalwarts such as Count Financial founder, Barry Lambert, ground-breaking researcher, Stephen van Eyk, financial planning leader, Julie Berry, and fund manager, Kerr Neilson.


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