Griffith secures FPEC accreditation

18 March 2013

Griffith University has secured accreditation from the Financial Planning Education Council (FPEC) for its financial planning program.

The new accreditation framework defines the financial planning curriculum for degree qualifications, establishing uniform standards for content, modes of delivery and assessment regimes across university programs, Griffith stated.

According to Mark Brimble, associate professor of Griffith's departments of accounting, finance and economics, the renewed relationship between academics and the industry will nurture planning professionalism and help to stamp out irresponsible advice.

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"There is now unprecedented, across-the-board clarity about the graduate outcomes expected for financial planners. The broader mandate is about professionalising the industry," he said.

Griffith stated that the FPEC accreditation incorporates an incentive in its Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Commerce programs for students aiming to complete the Certified Financial Planner program after graduation.

Specifically, the university's 24-course bachelor's degree includes 15 courses required by the FPEC framework for financial planners.

"Professional associations are critical to future careers. Simultaneously, the quality of graduates is vital to the trustworthiness and ongoing strength of the associated industry," Brimble said.

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