Get involved in claims management: AMP

The most valuable service a risk adviser can offer their clients is claims management as solicitors are becoming involved in this space, according to AMP Financial Services.

National development manager, wealth protection, Melinda Fox told delegates at the 2017 Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) National Adviser Conference at the Gold Coast last week advisers would have to provide emotional support and act as an advocate for the client with the insurance company, employers, and health specialists.

“If you’re not working in the claims management space for your clients, can I urge you to reconsider that?” she said.

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“Obviously lots of solicitors are getting involved in this because clients are feeling fearful. They’re feeling they can’t do it on their own and they need support.”

When working in claims management with a client, advisers would need to consider requirements including rehabilitation, miscellaneous services clients may require such as cleaners or food delivery, ascertaining whether there was more money they could supply to clients, and estate planning issues in death claims.

It might also involve establishing income streams for dependents.

“This is a massive job that we do. Statistically, we know that if they get insured advice for their insurance they will get better cover at high levels, and much better outcomes at claim time,” Fox said.

“Australians continue to be underinsured. This is a massive opportunity for you to get out there and talk to them and give them insured advice. It’s sustainable, there are ways that you can be profitable into the future.”

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We all get involved with the claim if we know about it don’t we?
The reason people turn to the ambulance chasers is because their adds are all over the airwaves putting the fear of god into people when they are at their most vulnerable.

Most of the lawyers cases are with the super funds not paying out, not adviser written insurances so why even put the me3ssage out there that we dont help with claims? Its funny they want to pay us less for selling the products, but they want us to be claim advocates as well, to protect them from the bully lawyers, well stuff you AMP, your on your own, I hope lawyers get involved with every single claim and take you to the cleaners to be quite honest.

Get Involved. Err Derr. No need to develop trust with new clients when you show them 20 years of client testimonials to your claims assistance.

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